Blocking Is Good

About a month ago as I was creating a new Facebook account for my new pen name, Saoirse Quill.  To protect myself from certain people, there was blocking to be done – namely my family of origin, and anyone else associated with them, with whom I have strict no contact.

Upon doing this I discovered that two people had become Facebook friends with my mother.  I was dumbfounded.  One was a person I know I went to high school with and we were Facebook friends for awhile – I think I unfriended her because I suspected that something was askew.  And I was right.  I don’t know how she knows my mother or when she became Facebook friends with her, but – there it was as sure as could be – she was Facebook friends with my mother.  The other person friended by my mother is an ex-boyfriend, someone who I was in relationship with for three and a half years.  I have no idea why they’d friend each other.  I know she didn’t even like him much and am pretty sure she had something to do with helping split us up.  Of course, I have no proof of that, but there are some things, in hindsight seen; things she did and things she said (and that other people said that likely came from her) that scream that she did in fact have something to do with it.  I’m not upset about it anymore as there is no reason to be now – he and I were a terrible match anyway and I ended up with someone who actually loves me (he didn’t) and I love my husband more than I have loved another human being.  But I am amazed how she would friend someone she didn’t even like – but it’s likely because is he someone she can cry the blues to, someone who knew me intimately, another person to listen to her made up lies to gain sympathy.

I am sure these two people were friended only so my mother could further smear me to another two people, making me look like the crazy abusive one and her the innocent victim – which she certainly is not.  Narcissists (those with NPD) love to vilify their victims – telling people that their victims are the ones that abused them.  It is amazing what they believe in their own minds and how they will twist things and even go so far as to make things up.  No wonder I felt like I was going crazy when I was younger – mental torture like that is really hard to make any sense of – it makes you second guess your sanity.

Furthermore, I found out while blocking people, that a few of my siblings have two Facebook accounts – both of them with their given names.  I wonder why?  Hmmm.  No matter, I blocked their additional profiles as well as a safety measure for me.

It amazes me how those with NPD, like my mother, can play the victim so well.  They are so convincing in their performances.  I hope these two people come to see her for who she really is – and who she really is is nothing like the persona she projects!   She is a liar.  She is toxic.  She embellishes the truth as well as the lies.  And if they ever turn on her or confront her – watch out!

This is why I block toxic people.  This is why I am strict no contact.  Having even limited contact with these people would cause so much destruction.

Finding this out, just makes me want to publish my story even more – because truth set free defends itself.


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