It’s about a sly, diabolical and insidious kind of abuse that is predominantly emotional, verbal and psychological.  It is mind games and manipulations (often using false guilt.)  It is icy stares – haughty looks – and silent treatments, degradations and humiliations.  It’s about control for the abuser.  It’s secretive.  This abuse tears a person down from their very core, stripping the victim of all self worth, even their sense of self.  It’s a soul-shredding and identity-robbing kind of abuse.  There is a main abuser in the narcissistic family who controls other family members through manipulation, triangulation and guilt. like puppets – they are the ones who enable the abuser as well as abuse the victim by proxy.

When you grow up under this kind of abuse, in this kind of family, you know in your gut that something is not right, that how they treat you has to be wrong because it leaves you completely shredded and shattered.  But you can’t put your finger on it …

Perhaps until now.

This is about my journey, how the Lord not only saved my broken soul, but also revealed to me the truth about my abusive mother’s treatment and how He rescued me out of it – restoring my soul and even my very life.  My hope is that in sharing my story, my experiences, will also give divine hope to others.  There is hope.

“He healeth the broken in heart, and bindeth up their wounds.”  ~ psalm 147:3


~  Saoirse Quill


Risé blue ombre2



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